Telus - Tell Me Your Tale

I'm planning to begin a lobbying effort to get Telus to provide dependable phone service to Lasqueti, as they are required to provide by Canadian law.


I want to start by collecting experiences of people who have, or used to have, their telephone service provided by Telus land line. I want to collect as many stories about the quality and reliability of your telephone service as I can. When did you begin having phone service? Was it reliable? Please provide me with whatever you can recall about outages and lack of service, or long delays for repairs. If you have stopped having land-line service, please let me know why you ended it, and what you are doing instead.

Telephone service first came to Lasqueti in 1911, by underwater cable from Thormanby Island, into Rouse Bay. The service was taken over when BC Telephone Company was formed, and it later morphed into Telus. They installed the system we have now, which is orphaned - they can't get parts for it any more, and it needs to be replaced with a new (and undoubtedly expensive) system. I suspect that they would like us all to drop our land line service, and save them the trouble and expense of providing any phone service on Lasqueti.

If lobbying doesn't work, a further escalation will be to file a lawsuit, and request all sorts of information about outages, repairs and lack of dependability of Lasqueti's phone service, until they either find it's cheaper to upgrade and improve the system, or are forced to do it by the regulator, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.

Please send me whatever information you can on paper or by email. I'll keep names off individual stories. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know.  For now, our phone is working again, if you have questions or suggestions, but I'd like your stories in writing.   


Thanks,   Peter Johnston

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