A big shout out to Daniel Jacobs/ Daring Sky Solar who, when I called him with the query, "Why would our batteries be at 66% when it's been sunny and I haven't been here for 3 days?" came straight over and coaxed the charge controller back to life, followed up with Victron and has a new one on the way. We have power, thanks to Daniel.


Which leads me to my second Shout Out - because we have power, the new fridge can run . . . the new fridge that arrived on the dock, so huge gratitude to Craig, Ken, Eric and the big guy with short curly hair, who all helped to load it and tie it down so it wouldn't escape. After 12 years of less than 4 cubic feet of cold space, we have a real fridge, thanks to these guys. Love the spontaneous help that happens at the dock.


very best to you


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