I will again do bulk orders of organic seed potatoes for those who are interested.  Final cost is yet to be determined, but will likely be slightly more than last year's $3/lb (still much cheaper than the cost after paying shipping on your own small order).  I will probably order from both suppliers again, so I should be able to get you most of the varieties you've gotten through me previously, although I do see there's at least a couple that Eagle Creek's not listing anymore. 


There's plenty of options if you want to try something new too!  I trialed a bunch of different kinds last year but haven't done a stellar job at the evaluation part so would love to hear your feedback about how the different varieties you grew performed.  By far and away the winner for me is still the heritage fingerling "Pink Fir Apple" though - super productive and usually the last to start sprouting.  I originally got some from Jenny V and have been saving some every year to replant but it's available from the Alberta supplier (Eagle Creek, I see they're already listing a bunch of things as "sold out for 2021" but many of the varieties listed as out of stock there are available from the other supplier (Across the Creek in Pemberton, BC), which is offering Cascade, Chieftain, Kennebec, Russet Norkotah, Russian Blue, Sieglinde, Warba and Yukon Gold this year.  It looks like the Banana fingerling's already sold out and it's not available this year from Eagle Creek either, so if you really like that one, try to save a few to replant! 


There are a bunch of other varieties available from Eagle Creek, check out their website for descriptions (  It's also great if you are flexible about varieties as it makes it easier for me to take advantage of bulk pricing.

Please send me your orders via email to BEFORE Monday JANUARY 15th (yes, that's really soon!).  -- Hilary (landline is still out)

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