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Hi everyone,  we hope you are happy to see more sunshine hitting your windows and faces as we all slowly make our way out of the winter here on the island. Here are a few events we are holding this month to tantalize your tastebuds!....


Thali Tuesday - " The Darjeeling Express"


On Tuesday, March 9th, we are continuing our journey in India with Thali Tuesday,this month's offering is called "The Darjeeling Express" and will focus on Rajasthani and Delhi cuisine from North India.  The menu will be posted on the weekend prior to the date and you can expect a journey of spice, heat and exotic flavours.


St. Patrick's Day March 17th


This year St. Patrick's Day will feature an array of traditional and modern inspired Irish fare available via pick up and take out available with savoury snacks, entrees and des-serts. Surely you will find your own pot of gold when we all don the green, and find another way to put a smile on your face...


Taco Tuesday


On Tuesday, March 30th, it is time for another edition of Mexican themed cuisine to take home and hold your own personal fiesta. We have had quite a few requests to bring this event back so you can thank the most fervent devotees of the taco for it returning again so soon... pinatas are not included but siestas after are encour-aged.


Have a great day, looking forward to cooking for you...

all of our best, False Bay Provisions


False Bay Provisions

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