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Hi everyone,


We are all pleased to finally welcome Spring and see more sunshine. Everywhere you go there is talk of gardening, boating, cycling, home building or renovation and many other exciting activities. There is a collective sigh of relief to be able to get outside more often to seek solace from the hibernation of winter.  We are as thrilled as you are to get out and absorb some vitamin D while breathing in the fresh air! Here are a few things going on and topics to cover this month...


Thanks To the Editors and Publishers of The Isle and Times

A huge thank you to Dianna Maycock for all of her hard work in managing this paper. The kind way that she has managed the content and delivery has been exceptional and it has been noticed by all. We hear she is going to continue to publish the online version and so we want to voice another thank you in advance for staying on. Welcome to Dave Olsen for taking on the role of the new main publisher and editor, wishing you the best of luck.


Dining Inside and Outside


We have seating inside the restaurant at 2 distanced separated tables for up to 5 people each. The patio is open for seating as well. There is also plenty of distanced seating outside in the yard. You are still welcome to call in advance and book a table if you like. Some of you have had questions about the details and we can say with confidence that all requirements are being met.


Lasqueti Lifeline Food Security Project


It has been almost a year since the Lifeline project started and we will be working on a summary of what has been done and what we hope to do this next year in May. Once that information is shared there is a plan to start a new fundraising campaign to continue with what has been started at carry on helping different parts of the community as much and as often as possible. In the meantime we are going to keep holding pay what you can meals, checking in with those who may need a hand to see what can be done as well as put work into how food can be more accessible for anyone here when needed. The Provide food bank is also currently in continual use and is regularly replenished. Thank you to those who have asked how they can help over the winter and please contact us if you have any questions on how to be involved.

Thai and Opa! Tuesday Take Out Dinners


This month we are starting a new series of dinners beginning with Thai Tuesday on April 13th followed by Opa! Tuesday on April 27th. The Thai dinner will celebrate with a journey of our take on traditional and modern foods from Thailand. Look forward to bold, spicy flavours and exotic ingredients to whisk you away on a culinary vacation.  Opa! Tuesday is going to focus on Greek and Mediterranean cuisine with an emphasis on all of our favourite foods from those regions. Thank you to everyone who continues to attend these events, every month is a new adventure and we promise to keep you entertained throughout April!

We are always happy to greet you with a smile and share the news of the day,

Wishing you all an excellent start to Spring. Looking forward to serving you soon.


All of our best, False Bay Provisions


False Bay Provisions

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