The Little "c"

There are very few things I fear in this world. Losing someone close to us is often the biggest one. We all know it. Whether it's the big C or something. Else. I have spent my whole life so far challenging the inevitable. Anything is always possible, given time, space and courage. I marvel at the way everything I ever wanted comes eventually. Especially you.


Others have fallen along the way. They stopped believing in magic. They gave in and grew up. Some of them even believed what they had was exactly what they wanted. Or maybe some of them started to believe they didn't need anything else. Every now and then I picture myself rescuing you from the little c my friend. For. Ever.


It could be they got too much, too fast. Or maybe they fell prey to the call of society. Convinced that what they needed was what they have been told. What they have been fed. A steady diet of the mundane. Too many times where they failed to take the risk and settled for less. Over. And over.

Or maybe the pressure of bowing to the majority has taken it's toll. Perhaps the novelty of having original thoughts and coming up with something new has been too strenuous for them. It could be the marvel of technology has taken away their ability to imagine. It's hard. But imagine. Beware the little c. That.


It's happening again. I'm refusing to give in to that nonsense. And equally important, I'm going to be there when you reconsider. When you have an epiphany one of these days, a tiny insight to where you stopped believing. To where you no longer listened but wondered why no one wanted to hear you talk. I'll be there. When a small chink in your armour reveals itself I will be there to stick my sword into that spot that used to hold your verve. Your spice. Your nerve. Your. Life.

There are very few things I haven't done that I've wanted to. Sometimes I wonder what life had been like if I chose differently; earlier. But mostly I revel in finding the sparks through the gaps. It's been easier and easier to see them. I often dream of being able to concentrate hard enough that then they flash in I could reflect them on to you. I always seem to see the "c" coming now. So I prepare to defend you. Again. Lately.


You have warned me to be careful. You said me and my friends have taken too many risks. That we were asking for it. I wonder if you even know what 'it' is. I muse over whether what's left of your free will, is there even enough to have another chance. Can you picture where we might have been if you had been a little more willing to forgive? Can you picture how many days we could have spent together in wonderment instead of ignorance apart? I challenge you to replenish your slowly diminishing courage. Can you?

I want you to be a little braver. When that little voice says beware, take that as an invitation. When you have a chance to do something you've never tried, give it a chance. When she comes up and shyly smiles, don't question it, just ask her to dance. When you face your fears be sure to meet them head on. When that little "c" threatens to take you I want you to remember what I said. Please.


I will try a little harder on my part. I'll make sure when I see you faltering to step in. I'll do my best to keep you here. Even when you lose your lucidity, I'll make sure you break free. Don't let the everyday smother you and take your dreams away. I'll stand firm. If it gets to be a bit too much

we can talk it over. Please don't give in to it. Ever.


Like I said, there are very few things in this world that I fear. This is one of them. The little c. I've fought it and won but I can see it taking hold over you. Try to remember it's easy to defend against when we stand together and remain true to our roots. Don't let the threat of routine take you from me. Fight it. Harder.


Stay fast. Like that huge fir tree we used to climb so long ago. Climb with me and take heart. If we hurry we might make it to the top before the sun sets and perch together on the uppermost boughs. Catch the last rays before they follow the valley down to the bay.


Together we can fight the little c: ~ complacency.

Camino C

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