Through the winter LINC has been busy planning for the future, sharing natural history photos via Seen In Passing, and undertaking those of our normal activities that we can under COVID restrictions.  We’ve had outdoor projects in small groups, such as trail building, fencing and planting trees, and some work parties to control invasive plants such as Spurge Laurel.  We’re looking forward sometime soon to getting back to our other activities and events that can include more of our membership.  We have more work parties planned for the spring -- if you are interested in helping out with these projects, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!  We also have an upcoming Annual General Meeting -- format to be determined as we watch for any changes to restrictions on gatherings over the next while.  The trail at Salish View is now complete -- the trailhead is on the east side of main road, across from the small pullout just before Squitty, with parking for about 4 cars.  Please let us know how you like it.


For those who don’t know, LINC currently holds conservation covenants over three reserves on Lasqueti owned by the Islands Trust Conservancy: the 140-acre Mt. Trematon Nature Reserve, the 160-acre Johnny Osland Nature Reserve, and the 28 acre Salish View Reserve.  We monitor these covenants regularly and report on them to the landowner.  We undertake stewardship activities there (tree planting and fencing, trail-building, clearing fallen trees, etc.) only with permission of the landowner.  If you are interested in being involved in projects on these properties please get in touch with us. 


To contact LINC or to get involved in our projects: email, phone (250) 333 8754, or talk to any of the Directors - listed on our page at


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