Greetings from Lasqueti Island Nature Conservancy(LINC) for this new and hopefully more relaxed and social New Year!

LINC has many plans for this upcoming year. In the next two months, we hope to sponsor another purge to the Laurel Spurge that is marching around and growing invasively near the south end fire hall. Last year, thanks to some great volunteers in our community, we started the process of cutting and pulling these immensely invasive plants that look a lot like small rhododendrons. Unfortunately, they are toxic to people. The feral sheep don’t eat them either, so where they do eat most of the native plants in this area, the laurel spurge is copious. Please call us if you wish to help – before they march up island even further! All LINC volunteer events include a free and healthy lunchJ


Once the restrictions on outside gatherings are eased, we plan to lead another hike to the public/crown lands. And speaking of the pandemic and the loss of biodiversity that invasive species create, our fall issue of LINC’s newsletter included an article about how the pandemic is related to the conservation of nature – or lack thereof. According to many scientists studying infectious diseases, “In each case, the loss of biodiversity in an area leaves behind a few species that are more apt to transmit a disease to people.” (Richard Ostfeld quoted by Jessia Sachs). Increasing biodiversity is one of LINC’s restoration goals.


Other spring plans include adding some of the new tree seedlings we have to both Osland and Trematon Reserves. We still have some of these seedlings freely available to all. We will also be monitoring the development of the wetland plants in the new exclosure at Salish View, and yes – building the trail to the viewpoint! Again, if you want to help, please contact us. We need and appreciate the volunteers who make all this possible!


Another of LINC’s primary goals is conservation. If you own a property and would like to conserve it for the good of wildlife, and for future generations, contact us. There are many ways to conserve land, and we’d love to about your vision and ideas, and help you achieve them.


Happy 2021!

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