The Nursing Clinic located at the Judith Fisher Centre.

Email address: LasquetiHealthCentre@gmail.com
Nurse: Dianne McClure RN/MN
Cell: 250-240-5712 | Home: 250-752-7419
Clinic phone (during clinic hours): 250-333-8891
Hours: Drop in Thursday from 11:00am – 3:00pm September/October 2018

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** Covid-19 vaccine clinic dates. Dianne will be present at all vaccine clinic days.  If you wish to see the nurse on these clinic dates please pre-book by calling Dianne at 250-240-5712.


I am happy that so many “Lasquetians” are taking advantage of getting immunized against Covid 19 virus during the whole community vaccination program. The immunization program is being provided by Island Health. Two public health nurses will be coming to the island on the dates indicated with a © above, to provide the immunization. I plan to be at each clinic to assist where needed.

Getting vaccinated decreases the risk of contracting the virus as well as protects those in the community who are most at risk of serious health consequences caused by the virus. It is estimated that Covid-19 vaccination coverage required to achieve community (herd) immunity is approximately 60-72%.

The vaccination clinics were fully booked however, the hours on each clinic day have been extended to accommodate those on the wait list.

If you wish to be immunized please continue to call 1-877-795-0755 to book an appointment.

The community of Lasqueti has been so fortunate so far. Unfortunately other people and communities have not. Following immunization it is still recommended that we follow precautions.


Blessings and ,

Stay well, dianne

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