The Medicine Wheel:

The Nursing Clinic located at the Judith Fisher Centre.

Email address: LasquetiHealthCentre@gmail.com
Nurse: Dianne McClure RN/MN
Cell: 250-240-5712 | Home: 250-752-7419
Clinic phone (during clinic hours): 250-333-8891
Hours: Drop in Thursday from 11:00am – 3:00pm September/October 2018

If any one has a health related topic that they would like to see in the Medicine Wheel feel free to email me your suggestions at: laquetihealthcentre@gmail.com

• Dan Clarke will be in clinic. Call Dianne if you would like an appointment.

Another year rolls in. What will it bring?

I have in past years made silent New Year resolutions that I may have kept or partially kept, compromising or rationalizing to myself why I didn’t keep them. This year I find myself not wanting to make any New Year resolutions. It may be due to the fact that I have quit making too many concrete plans (Covid has taught me not to do that). This year I find myself more than any other year reflecting back on what the events of 2020 have taught me and what
positive changes in my own attitude and behavior (as that is all I have any control over) that I can bring forward into 2021. I am looking forward to 2021 with hope and renewed appreciation for all we have and, for all we can give to one another.


P.S. I have not heard anything on the Covid vaccine but will keep you informed.

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