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The Nursing Clinic located at the Judith Fisher Centre.

Email address: LasquetiHealthCentre@gmail.com
Nurse: Dianne McClure RN/MN
Cell: 250-240-5712 | Home: 250-752-7419
Clinic phone (during clinic hours): 250-333-8891
Hours: Drop in Thursday from 11:00am – 3:00pm September/October 2018

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•Please note there will be a flu immunization clinic sometime in October

This month’s health article will focus on the availability of the “flu shots” at the Judith Fisher Centre this season. The exact date of the clinic will be posted on the lasqueti web page as well as through the facebook page (once I know when I will receive the vaccine). Public health flu clinics will begin the week of October 19th but I am hoping to have vaccine the week prior to that.

It is of particular importance to get the flu shot this season because of the Covid-19 pandemic. There are a couple of reasons for this  (i) to help prevent the risk of influenza as well as overall (ii) to reduce unnecessary isolation and testing for Covid-19 (as symptoms can be similar) and (iii) to reduce influenza outbreaks within long term care facilities as well as for other vulnerable adults.

This year’s influenza vaccine contains strains that have changed from last year’s vaccine. There has been no change in the eligibility criteria this season and most people are eligible for the publicly funded influenza vaccine.  The two products that I will be providing are the Fluad Triavalent vaccine (which is recommended for adults 65 years and over only ) as well as the Agriflu Trivalent vaccine (for adults 18 years and over including seniors as well as for children 6 months and over). 

Anyone experiencing symptoms of Covid-19 will be required to postpone their visit for a flu shot.  Appointments for flu shots will be available as well as some walk-in hours. More information on this will be provided once flu clinic dates can be confirmed.

Stay Tuned! Be Well, Stay Well, Dianne

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