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Another year rolls in. What will it bring? I have in past years made silent New Year resolutions that I may have kept or partially kept ...


As technology increases its presence in our daily lives, so does our reliance on batteries. Batteries power cell phones, laptops, cordless tools ...


Bulk Order ... I am willing again to do bulk orders of organic seed potatoes for those who are interested. Cost has yet to be determined ...

A Word From Our Representatives

Greetings from Lasqueti Island Nature Conservancy(LINC) for this new and hopefully more relaxed and social New Year!

LINC has many plans for this upcoming year.

Senior Support Committee        

The Last Resort Society has received a small amount of money ($1,000) to support seniors on Lasqueti. Three of us, a long time ago, expressed interest in senior support, and we have been asked to see what we can set up to assist seniors in these difficult times, using the money available.

Telus - Tell Me Your Tale   

I'm planning to begin a lobbying effort to get Telus to provide dependable phone service to Lasqueti, as they are required to provide by Canadian law. 



January 2021 News

Hi everyone! We hope you all had a Happy New Year and are happy to say we all took a holiday and are now back in the kitchen ready to cook for you!


Community Member Contribution

There are very few things I fear in this world. Losing someone close to us is often the biggest one. We all know it. Whether it's the big C or something. Else. I have spent my whole life so far challenging the inevitable

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