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There have been some questions regarding the roll out of the Covid-19 vaccine in BC as well as the possibility of a vaccine clinic on Lasqueti. 


RBC satellite depot - Over the past few years, the news has been flooded with articles about the challenges of the global recycling system. 


The Lasqueti Community Assn. would like to recognize Jodi Ayers for her outstanding community service as the hall maintenance person ....

A Word From Our Representatives

Senior Support Committee        

The Last Resort Society has received a small amount of money ($1,000) to support seniors on Lasqueti. Three of us, a long time ago, expressed interest in senior support, and we have been asked to see what we can set up to assist seniors in these difficult times, using the money available.

What’s happening at the Health Centre?  The nursing clinic remains OPEN every Thursday:


In order to improve the overall efficiency and connectivity of the LIAS network

Last Resort Society 

Telus: Tell Your Tale

I'm planning to get Telus to provide dependable phone service to Lasqueti, as required by Canadian law. 



March 2021 News

Hello! We hope you are happy to see more sunshine hitting your windows and faces as we all slowly make our way out of the winter here on the island. Here are a few events we are holding this month to tantalize your taste buds!....


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